PEACEFUL ENJOYMENT: The pleasure of condominium living is greatly enhanced by a congenial atmosphere in which all residents have proper regard for the comfort and rights of others.  These rules and regulations have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the MBYCC in order to define acceptable modes of behavior that contribute to the safety, health, and well-being of the residents, visitors and guests.  All residents, visitors and guests are requested   to cooperate with management in seeing that the rules and regulations are observed. No owner or occupant, his family, employee, agent, visitor or licensee shall disturb or annoy any other occupant of the condominium nor cause or permit to be caused any unusual or disturbing noise, foul or noxious odor, or any activity which would be disturbing to other occupants of the MBYCC.   Quiet hours are from 11 PM until the following morning at 8 AM.

The following are our Special Area usages with instructions: Outer Dock Areas, Pool Areas, Billiard Room, Exercise Room, Jacuzzi, Seawalls, Docks And Piers, Marina Facilities, Community Access, Bicycle Parking Areas, Party Room And Board Room Reservation and Copying And Fax Needs. 

COPYING AND FAX NEEDS: Copy fee is ten cents per page when an owner brings in something to be copied. Requests for MBYCC documents may be made by first completing a form requesting the document.  Document copy fee is twenty-five cents per page.  The Office has five days to respond to the owner’s request. Faxes are one dollar per page for either sending or receiving

REGISTRATION OF VEHICLES: The speed limit is 10 MPH on all condominium roadways and parking areas.

  • All vehicles including motorcycles and gasoline powered scooter’s/moped’s, must be properly registered with the Management Office.
  • A tenant is required to obtain a parking permit at the MBYCC Office for any overnight guest.
  • Except in an emergency, commercial vehicles are permitted access only during daily business hours.
  • At the time of permanent departure of the vehicle from the MBYCC property the tag should be returned to the Management Office.

PARKING: All vehicles parked within the MBYCC must have proper parking permits displayed at all times (dashboard or rearview mirror). Hitches are bike racks are not allowed to remain on the vehicle when parked inside the gates.

Back parking is not allowed, all vehicles must be parked within defined parking spaces. (This includes any objects attached to the vehicle, such as trailer hitches, kayaks, etc).  Roadways must be kept clear for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

  • Parking only at MBYCC / Rex Place:
    • Automobiles, Pickup trucks with open empty beds and 4 tires, Pickup trucks with covers or toppers flush to the top of the cab or lower, Vans and SUVs with windows on all sides. Long- term renters or short- term renters- No more than two (2) vehicles per unit may be parked on MBYCC property at any one time. Inoperative or abandoned vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense if no action is taken within five (5) days of notification by Certified Mail. Quick minor repairs, such as, jumpstarting a dead battery, tire changing and/or other actions necessary to start the vehicle, will be permitted while parked on the MBYCC property.
  • Boats/personal watercraft on trailers, RVs, conversion vans, and utility trailers under 24 feet may park on Rex Place for up to 72 hours for the specific purpose of loading and unloading only. Boats, trailers, conversion vans and RVs must be removed from the MBYCC property after 72 hours.
  • Parking Only at Rex Place: Vehicle that is wider and/or longer than the established painted parking lines, Motorcycles or mopeds, Pickup trucks with toppers allowing walk-in access to the bed of truck, Trucks with extended cabs AND extended beds, Vehicles and trucks with oversized tires, Trailer hitches/bike carriers (“Truck tailgates must be in the closed position). Motorcycles/mopeds/scooters …Motorcycles/mopeds/scooters must use asphalt protectors for their kick stands so that they do not damage the asphalt. If damage does occur, repairs will be at the expense of the owner.  These asphalt protectors must be removed when not in use.  All protective covers for vehicles/motorcycles/mopeds/scooters must be soft covers that allow the wheels to be seen.  All Covers must be removed when the vehicles/mopeds/scooters leave the parking spaces so that those spaces then become available to all owners. Every vehicle    must be permitted and in compliance or be subject to towing. Vehicles may be washed in the designated area on Rex Place.
  • PARTY ROOM RESERVATIONS: The party room facilities are available for all residents of Madeira Beach Yacht Club. This service is not included in the rental agreement, if any guest wants this for a birthday party, graduation and or wedding, we will provide it with a less service charge and proper written agreement. Almost 100 chairs with table space will be provided. The facilities include reservations for the dining room with the kitchen and restrooms and/or the board room with the restrooms.No decoration may be put on the walls that involves attachment to either the wood or paint with tape/nails/or other devices.  If scotch tape is used on the mirror, please clean tape marks after use.  Please contain your party to the second floor facilities-the main party room, kitchen, restrooms, and/or the upper outside pool deck only.  All other clubhouse facilities are for the use of residents only.  The Sports Bar/Board Meeting Room is NOT part of this rental agreement unless otherwise arranged.  Music and entertainment are provided by the requester.Guests from outside the community will be required to park on Rex Place.  Guests may gain access to the party room by using the stairway by the main pool.  It will be the responsibility of the reserving resident to have someone placed at the pool gate to allow your guests access to the complex.  The gate may not be left open or propped open.  Failure to do so will relinquish your right to reserve the MYBCC facility in the future.You may use the kitchen and appliances with care.  You must furnish your own flatware and supplies.  All appliances (microwave, oven, stove, etc) should be cleaned after use.  All floors and counters should be free of debris and food.  Please bring your own plastic bags for all garbage and deposit bags in the dumpster near pool.  Please spot clean carpets where necessary. Please bring your own plastic bags for all garbage and dispose of bags in the dumpster by the Maintenance building near pool. Spot clean carpets where necessary. It is the responsibility of the applicant for party room rental to obtain the clubhouse key, control access to the facilities, lock the facilities at the conclusion of the event and return the key. Use thumbtacks to attach decorations to wood and remove them after the function. Putty can be purchased and used to attach decorations to the walls, etc. It is easily applied and removed and leaves no residue or marks on the painted surface.  The putty can be purchased from the Dollar Tree across the street.  If scotch tape is necessary to use on mirrors, please clean tape marks after use. Please contain your party to the second-floor facilities.  All other clubhouse facilities are for residents only. Guests from outside the community will be required to park on Rex Place.  It will be the responsibility of the applicant for party room rental to have someone at the pool gate to allow your guests access to the complex.  The gate may not be left open or propped open.

OTHER COMMON ELEMENT USAGE: Recreation and common areas are to be kept free of trash and litter. All folding umbrellas are to be closed after use. All gates around and within the perimeter of the property are to be kept closed and locked after use. No feeding of seagulls or other birds is permitted at any time. Due to safety concerns skateboards, rollerblades and scooters are prohibited inside the MBYC. Bicycles may be ridden on the asphalt roadways only for the purpose of entering or exiting the complex. Shopping carts may not be brought onto condominium premises at any time. Outside tables and benches located along the outer and inner walkways of the MBYCC are common elements.  These tables and benches should not be moved without approval of the MBYCC Association Manager.  Tables should not be personalized in any manner (tablecloth or decorative items) or in any way presumed table for private use by any one owner. Do not flush wipes, paper towels, tissues, sanitary items, diapers, etc. into the toilet. Only human waste and toilet tissue should be flushed. Kitchen drains will also become clogged. No grease or food particles down the drain.

For Police, Fire and/or Medical Emergencies, dial 911.

OUTER DOCK AREAS: Fishing Is Allowed Only From The Four (4) Fishing Piers. Fishing Licenses Are Required. Diving Or Jumping From Seawalls, Finger Piers Or Docks Is Prohibited


Diving or jumping from the seawalls, individual docks and fishing piers is prohibited. All residents, visitors and guests are required to keep the docks and piers clean and clear of debris.

  1. Fishing is allowed from the four fishing piers on the complex.
  2. MBYCC highly recommends that children under the age of fourteen (14) be accompanied by an adult and/or wear a life preserver while on the fishing piers.

Smoking: There is no smoking in any of the interior common areas of the MBYCC.  This includes all rooms within the Main building of the MBYCC (Office, sunroom, billiard room, Jacuzzi, fitness     room, card/library room and upstairs party room).  There is no smoking inside the gated pool areas. Designated smoking areas are provided in several areas of the complex.

“Defining smoking; includes all tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vapor, e-cigarettes and any item which produces products of combustion, vapor or pollutants into the air” “Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.”  “Smoking is prohibited in the pool areas, all interior walkways, and at the tables and benches throughout the community.” Except as where provided.

TRASH AND GARBAGE: To provide a healthful environment, no garbage cans, bags of trash, beverage bottles or cans, or other      articles shall be placed in the halls, or on balconies, or on the staircase landings. The common elements must be kept free of rubbish, debris, and other unsightly material.  In order to eliminate odors and vermin, all garbage must be placed in plastic bags and deposited with all refuse ONLY in the areas designated.  No waste, including cigars and cigarettes, is to be disposed of at any time from the balconies or windows or thrown or deposited into the waterways abutting the MBYCC property.  As a condition for access to the community, all contractors must agree to remove their own waste.  It is a violation of Federal law to dispose of gasoline or other hazardous materials into dumpsters.    You must contact the office for assistance in disposing of large items such as furniture or appliances. Recycling is highly encouraged at MBYCC.  Containers are blue, clearly marked and it is permissible to commingle recyclable materials. Please help us to keep MBYCC clean and “green”.

STORAGE: The personal property of all residents shall be stored in their condominium units.  No storage of any item is allowed in the area under the stairs or on open patios or on balconies without permission MBYCC.  No bicycles shall be stored outside of the unit except in those areas specifically designated for the storage of bicycles. Bicycle racks are provided throughout the community. Patios and balconies are not designated storage areas for any purpose.  This does not preclude the use of reasonable furnishings.  If items are found being stored under stairs, open patios or balconies, the item will be tagged at the direction of the Association Manager for removal by owner/tenant within a specific period of time.  Failure to do so may result in a fine as set by the MYBCC Board of Directors along with removal of the item(s).   Restrictions: The Declaration of Condominium provides that a unit may be used only as a residence for ONE family and their guests. Multiple-family occupancy is not permitted.  Occupancy is limited to: Two (4) persons for one-bedroom units. An occupant is defined as anyone remaining on Association property for a period of longer than 24 hours.

  • Windows:This area is subject to sudden violent storms without warning. In order to prevent water damage    to a unit as well as other parts of the building, it is recommended that unit occupants close all windows and doors exposed to the weather whenever they leave the unit.  Failure to do so may result in damage for which the unit owner may be liable.  All window replacements must comply with county and state codes.  Prior to replacing windows, contact the MBYCC Office for specific
  • Noise: In order to ensure the comfort of all residents, the playing of any audio equipment, musical instrument, and/or loud voices must not exceed a reasonable volume at any time. Between the hours of 11 PM until the following 8 AM noises shall be kept to a volume that cannot be heard outside the unit in which located.  All owners and residents and guests shall refrain from any activity that would disturb other residents.  Residents are encouraged to call the Pinellas County Sheriff at 582-6200 if disturbed by late night noises.  Please report these calls the following business day to the Management Office.


SAFETY:Feeding of animals and birds is prohibited on MBYCC property.

  • Decoration- No unit occupant shall decorate any part of his/her unit or building so as to change the appearance of the building from the exterior. Only drapes, curtains and blinds having a white or off-white lining visible from the outside of the unit shall be permitted.
  • No unit occupant shall cause anything, with the exception of plants, to be hung, displayed or placed on the exterior doors, walls, windows, balconies or porches, or placed inside the unit so as to be displayed to the outside of the building without the consent of the MYBCC Board of Directors. Plants are to be maintained at all times.  Lights and decorations, however, shall be allowed on appropriate occasions such as Christmas. No object may be attached to any exterior wall surface.
  • Each unit has the right to display one US flag. The flag must be two feet by four feet in size and made of waterproof material.  It must be displayed on a flagpole that will be mounted by the MBYCC staff on the building in a place to be determined and approved by the MBYCC Property Manager.  Flag etiquette must be followed when displaying the flag.  A copy of the etiquette will be given to any owner displaying a flag.
  • No personal items (including but not limited to tablecloths or decorative items) may be left on common elements areas such as cement tables and benches overnight. These common area elements are for the use of all our residents at MBYCC.  These common area elements may not be claimed by individuals on a permanent or semi permanent basis.
  • Hanging of objects- The hanging of bathing suits, rugs, and/or towels upon the balconies, patios, railings or from windows is prohibited. Bicycles may not be stored on an upper balcony or lower open patioA drying rack shall be allowed upon any open balconies or patios.
  • The sidewalks, entrances, hallways, corridors, and stairways on the MBYCC property shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entrance to or exit from the individual units. No articles shall be placed in any of the corridors, walls, or stairways in any building, nor shall the same be obstructed in any manner.  Specifically, no fire exit will be obstructed in any manner.  The safety and well-being of all unit occupants, their families and guests require that the MBYCC property be kept in a safe manner so as not to endanger any person. The only exception may be a removable table and chair(s) and only in an area that is not in violation of any City, County, or State ordinance or Fire Code.
  • The hanging of bathing suits, rugs, and/or towels upon the balconies, patios railings or from windows is not permitted.
  • Due to health and safety concerns, please refer to the age restrictions posted on the Rules in the pool areas, jacuzzi, gym and billiard room
  • SMOKING is prohibited in the pool areas, all interior walkways, and at tables and benches throughout the community. Also, it is prohibited in the main buildings of the MBYCC. Smoking includes all tobacco products and e-cigarettes.
  • Due to safety concerns, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters are prohibited on MBYCC property. Bike rising is permitted only on the asphalt roadway to enter and leave the property. Bicycles must be registered with the Office. Bicycles may not be stored on the upper balcony or lower open patio.
  • All grills are privately owned, Propane and charcoal grills are to be used only in the common areas designated. Only electric grills may be used on patios and balconies.
  • Concrete tables and benches are for common use. Please close umbrellas when not in use or WHEN WINDY.
  • This is a gated community. All gates around and within the property are to be kept closed and/or locked when not in use.
  • Bathing attire is not permitted in the following areas of the Clubhouse: Office, billiard room, upper recreation and meeting rooms.
  • MBYCC highly recommends that children under the age of fourteen (14) be accompanied by and adult and/or wear a life preserver while on the fishing piers.
  • There is recycling on the premises. Please use the blue bins. Recycled materials may be commingled. Please flatten Cardboard is not permitted in the dumpsters.
  • Feeding of animals and birds is prohibited on the property.

ACTIVITIES: Conduct of all residents will be such that it does not interfere with the quiet and comfort of the residents. Persons not evidencing that appropriate level of behavior may lose clubhouse privileges.

  • BILLIARD ROOM RULES: No smoking, No food allowed,Do not set beverages on the billiard table, Do not chalk over the billiard table, No sitting on the billiard table, Return all equipment to its proper place, No horseplay

Due to health and safety concerns no one 13 and under is allowed to use the Exercise Room equipment.  As a courtesy to fellow guests, please limit your use of any machine to thirty (30) minutes when people are waiting.


Due to health and safety concerns persons 13 years of age and under are NOT ALLOWED IN THE JACUZZI.  Spa hours are 8:30AM until 11 PM daily.  Bathing load: Five (5) persons.  * MBYCC highly recommends that children fourteen (14) thru seventeen (17) be accompanied by an adult

  1. Rinse before entering spa
  2. No soap, shampoo, oils and/or lotions allowed
  3. Maximum water temperature is 104 degrees.
  4. You must dry off before leaving the spa room.
  5. Wear shoes and cover-up to and from all clubhouse areas.

*Pregnant women, people with health problems and people using alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs that cause drowsiness should not use spa pools without first consulting a physician.

Please follow the written procedures for turning on the Jacuzzi.   Do not attempt to turn the Jacuzzi off.  Allow the timer to run out.  Turning the timer knob in the wrong direction will Attempting to turn off the timer could result in equipment malfunction and an expense to the MBYCC for which you may be liable. 

  • POOL RULES: No Lifeguard On Duty – Swim At Your Own Risk, Pool Hours Are 8:30 Am Until 11 Pm, Bathing Load – 10 Persons at Small Pool and 15 Persons at Large Pool are the fixed count. Please Refer To Specific Pool Rules Posted At Each Pool. Do Not Turn The Jacuzzi Time Off Or Backwards. 
  1. Pool hours are from 8:30am to 11pm. Please refer to specific pool rules posted at each pool.
  2. Do not turn the jacuzzi time off or backwards.
  3. Please shower immediately before entering the pool. No soap, shower gel, or shampoo allowed.
  4. Due to safety concerns anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. Any incontinent person (adult or child) must wear protective water-proof garments while in the pool.
  6. There is no smoking within the gated area of the pool.
  7. No glass or breakable containers within the gated area of the pool.
  8. No food and/or drinks allowed within four feet of the pool.
  9. Pets are not allowed within the gated area of the pool.
  10. No diving, jumping, running, floats or balls allowed. (Water wings or other types of safety floatation devices are allowed.)
  11. Headphones must be worn with any audio equipment.
  12. Please be considerate of others when using a cell phone within the gated pool area.
  13. Pool furniture may not be reserved or removed from the gated pool area. Please use a      towel when sitting/lounging on pool furniture.
  14. Please close umbrellas when you leave.
  15. The divider across the large pool is not to be removed under any circumstances.
  16. Wrist bands must be worn at all times while in the pool area(s) and as directed.
  17. Wrist bands per unit: Each unit owner will be issued the appropriate amount of FREE wristbands according to their unit size as stated below:
  18. One bedroom (4 wrist bands), Two bedroom (6 wrist bands), Three bedrooms (8 wrist bands)
  19. Lost/Damaged Bands: In the event a band is lost a new one may be purchased for $25. If a band is damaged, broken, torn (must be un wearable) it may be replaced by the office FREE of charge.

MARINA FACILITIES: Pursuant to the Declaration of Condominium, 42 individual docks are limited common elements and the 4 fishing piers are common elements, all of which are owned and maintained by the MBYCC. All limited common elements are reserved for the use of the MBYCC association or the unit or units to      which they are applicable to the exclusion of other units.

    1. The sole and exclusive use of the 42 individual docks is limited to unit owners through purchase of a boat slip. The right to use a particular boat slip can only be transferred to a unit owner.  Owners of boat slips may rent or lease their slip to another unit owner, resident or renter.  All transfers and renters of boat slips must be on file at the MBYCC Management Office.
    2. The MBYCC provides water and a 30-amp electric outlet for each boat slip. Electric meters and electricity costs are the responsibility of the boat slip owner/user.
    3. Any alterations of the limited or common elements must be approved by the MBYCC Board of Directors or a membership vote if required.
    4. In order to keep the MBYCC safe and in order to enhance the aesthetics of the Marina for the entire MBYCC community, the following rules have been established:
    5. All boats must have a current Florida registration. The owner is required to provide a copy of this registration to the Management Office to be kept on file.  This registration must be kept current at all times.
    6. Unit owner’s guest(s) may temporarily dock their boat in the unit owner’s slip. The guest(s) must be residing with the unit owner.  The boat must be registered with the MBYCC Management Office.
    7. Commercial boats, boats for hire or charter boats are not permitted in the Marina.
    8. No one is permitted to live aboard boats at any time.
    9. Gasoline or diesel fuel trucks are not allowed on the MBYCC property.
    10. All materials and equipment must be clear of the docks when unattended.
    11. No garbage, trash, oil, paint, oily water, rags or other debris shall be thrown overboard or left on docks, but rather shall be disposed of in appropriate containers. No oil or fuel laden bilge or bathroom waste water shall be discharged or pumped into the sea water.  Used oil must be recycled at an appropriate recycling center.
    12. No laundry or clothing shall be hung from any boats, docks or piers at any time.
    13. The Association Manager is authorized to stop any repairs that are deemed harmful to the docking facilities, other boats or other condominium property.
    14. No “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs or advertising is permitted on boats, piers, or boatlifts at any time.
    15. Boats should not have their engines run in such a manner that causes prop wash to dig a hole or undermine the seawall in any way.
    16. In compliance with the Submerged Land Lease, the mooring of boats on either a temporary or permanent basis, to the water ward face of the “T” dock (fishing piers) is prohibited.
    17. In-water moored boats must be secured within the confines of their slip with appropriate bow, stern and spring lines. When the boat owner is absent or otherwise out of town, double bow and stern lines are required.
    18. Boats stored on a boatlift must be secured to the lift by a minimum of two lines. When the boat owner is absent or otherwise out of town, the boat must be secured to the cradle lift with appropriate lines or straps at four points.  Power to the lift controls (remote or manual) must be turned off and secured when not in use.
    19. Water hoses and power cords are to be attached parallel to the individual pier stringers with non-corrosive fasteners. Power cords must be configured from the stringer to the boat without being immersed in the water.  One water hose hanger per slip may be attached to the fishing pier per stringer, no closer to the seawall than two feet.
    20. The maximum of two cleats (maximum of 10 inches in length each) may be fastened to the top of the individual pier decking. Cleats must be mounted no closer to the seawall than two feet.  Cleats and fasteners must be non-corrosive.  Cleats must be fastened to the decking parallel to the edge of the individual pier and no more than six inches inward from the edge.
    21. Dock lines (mooring lines) only are to be attached to tie poles and individual pier pilings. No other items can be attached to the limited/common elements.
    22. All boat lifts are to be properly maintained and remain in operable condition.
    23. All boats are to be properly maintained and be in operable condition. Examples of boats that are not properly maintained include but are not limited to the following:  unregistered or not up-to-date registration, inoperable, unseaworthy, dirty and neglected, birds living or roosting in the cockpits or other areas.  Allowances would be made for owners away during the off-season.  However, upon their return proper maintenance would be required.
    24. If the above rules are not followed, The Association Manager will contact the owner via Certified Return Mail Receipt Requested letter to rectify the issue. If the issue is not resolved within thirty days, the Property Manager and the MBYCC Board of Directors will take all legal steps to correct the issue.  The MBYCC reserves the right to have the boat removed at the owner’s expense if no action is taken within the thirty-day period.


5 - 7 Days Minimum

"One Bedroom" for 4 people (adults, children, babies, and infants). There must be one adult at least 25 years of age occupying the property for the entire reservation. Newly renovated resort 2 covered patios and 150 amenities.


360 Days Maximum

“One Bedroom" for 4 people, there must be one adult at least 25 years of age for the entire reservation. You can check in and out after 4:00 pm and before 11:00 am respectively. Quiet hours are between 11 PM and 8AM.


Refundable $350

A refundable deposit of $350 is required for short-term rentals or long-term rentals (7 days to 6 months); if anything is damaged or missing from our property due to your negligence, you have to reports us or we will evaluate.


Standard Rate $130

If booked fewer than 30 days before check-in, full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking and at least 14 days before check-in. After that, 50% refund up to 7 days before check-in. No refund for the early departures.

"Welcome to the Florida Gulf Coast, come and enjoy! ``ROYAL REXHOST RESORTS`` is a newly renovated upscale Smart Key accessible resort block located on Ground Floor with NO Stairs. We are offering short-term and long-term rentals of ``One Bedroom`` for four people. Minimum rental period is 5-7 days and maximum stay is 360 days."

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