Govt. Authorized Official Services  FBI: Identity History Summary Check (IdHSC) Background Check; According to the U.S. Department of Justice Order Number 556-73 – FBI Background Check for the out of state must go through Electronically and a set of Flat and Roll Ink Card print (FD-258). We provide Electronic Fingerprinting or Live Scan; It is an inkless electronic system designed to capture an individual’s fingerprint images and demographic data, the digitized format that can be transmitted to the state (State Police) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) for processing over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and or special Port. We Print and Process – DOJ Cards (FD-258, RI-8, BCI, D-258, SF-87, FD-24, FD-353, FD-884, FD-884a, etc.), it will help National and or International Job, Court Orders, Visa, and Immigration. We are authorized; use this link for to verify

Michigan State Police:  Electronic Michigan Live Scan Background Check by using RI-030; Michigan Live Scan Background Check is under the control of Michigan State Police – Bio-metrics & Identification Division (BIO), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – CJIS, Department of Justice ( DOJ). The result is so fast; send by the FBI and Michigan State Police to the requested agency. If a non resident Michigan State Applicant (Address Proof and Photo ID are out of State) wants to apply for a Michigan State job or for a Michigan based license, is eligible for the Michigan Live Scan. “No Worries! for the out of state job applicant in Michigan State”. We take Digital Photographs together with fingerprints as mandatory – FREE. We take Digital Photographs together with fingerprints – FREE. We are authorized; use this link for to verify

Florida State Police: First and Foremost Live Scan Background Check service provider from  Michigan State. Florida Live Scan Background Check is under the control of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), and Clearing House. We take Digital Photographs together with fingerprints is mandatory – FREE.  We are authorized; use this link for to verify

Michigan State Notary: Michigan’s Law on Notarial Acts (MiLONA), P.A. 238 of 2003, as amended, is an act to provide for the qualification, appointment, and regulation of Notary Publics (Notaries) by the Secretary of State. As such, a Notary is a public servant. The MiLONA prescribes the powers and duties of state agencies and local officers and provides for remedies and penalties. The MiLONA provides for the protection of citizens against fraud by requiring that a commissioned Notary verify and attest to the signing of documents.  Notary Public commission is a statewide appointment. Although commissioned in a specific county, once commissioned, a Notary may notarize anywhere within the State of Michigan.The MiLONA does not require Notaries to use an embossed seal or rubber stamp on a document. However, the use of a stamp provides for a more consistent and completes notarization. We are authorized; use this link for to verify,4670,7-127-1640_14837_23708-85862–,00.html

Printing & Publishig Services

Digital & Offset Print and Publish: Our full service bindery department offers Staple Booklets, Booklets with Tabs, and many more superior quality printed products to create a versatile and cost-effective marketing plan tailored to your business market. We publish Patient Orientation Handbook for the Home Health Care industry. We are one of the leading patient admission hand books / patient orientation handbooks designers and printers in the US; we offer free updates with every new order. We maintain all the new updates of CMS & MEDICARE. We make and print Medicaid approved Rx – Security Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads (Carbonless 1-2 part) for same day delivery.

High Definition Signs & Banners Printing: One of the biggest challenges is preparing for an event; developing an overall presence that will stand out and say something about the event. Signs & Banners are so helpful for events like Election Campaigns, Fundraising, Conferences, Inaugurations, Prom Parties, Exhibitions, Birthdays, Wedding Parties and much more. We are offering Low Cost Sign Installation services. Bulk Order Discounts for the Signs and Banners are limited to up to 45%. We are using HD Color Printing Technology; our goal is to serve you with a smile. You can place an order, request a quote, or set up artwork through our 24/7 Printing Services. Our Discounted Overnight Shipping Services are available.

Promo Marketing: Brand our company and products in a simpler and less expensive manner. Increase product awareness and sales with promotional marketing. Your brand will definitely be created in an enthusiastic state through Promo marketing. We create eye-catching professional products that make your business more successful.

Web & Art Designing: We provide Sliding Web Design, Content, Domain, Hosting and Support. In the first year, $500 – $650 and in the second and subsequent years we charge only $150. Our eye-catching, professional website will increase conversion rates for your business. We help you build a strong online presence and can target you to a broader audience. We will make your design pop with the right layout, imagery, typography, and color scheme. Using the latest GUI software for the building of your website, we use tools and programs like Firefox Developer, Photoshop, Panic Coda, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, HTML5, WordPress, cPanel, etc. Besides Website Designing, we also provide Website Redesign, Website Development, Mobile App Development, Domain Registration, E-commerce Website Design, Mobile Website Design, Ongoing Web Maintenance, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, SEO, and monitoring malware & spyware.

Worldwide Passport Photo: Picture takes, Setup and Print (2 x 2 /CANADA); “Instant Passport Photos” Ready to go 10 Minute USA / CANADA Passport Photos or 2 x 2 Photos. We are using global wide photo templates to cover all the nations. It meets the official requirements of each nation. Our professional photos can be useful for Visa (Temporary / Resident), E-Visa, PIO, Passport, Citizenship etc.



7 Days a Week

"One Bedroom" for 4 people (adults, children, babies, and infants). There must be one adult at least 25 years of age occupying the property for the entire reservation. Newly renovated resort 2 covered patios and 150 amenities.


Accept All Payment Methods

“One Bedroom" for 4 people, there must be one adult at least 25 years of age for the entire reservation. You can check in and out after 4:00 pm and before 11:00 am respectively. Quiet hours are between 11 PM and 8AM.



A refundable deposit of $250 is required for short-term rentals or long-term rentals (7 days to 6 months); if anything is damaged or missing from our property due to your negligence, you have to reports us or we will evaluate.


Easy Accessible - Smart Tech.

Cancelation made within 48 hours of booking, if the check-in date is at least 14 days away. 50% refund for cancellations made at least 7 days before check-in. No refunds for cancellations made within 7 days of check-in.

"We are always prioritizes the value of Time, Money, and Relationship. ”Our Customers are our Strength”. Customers are our family members and we believe that their support will have a huge impact on our business growth. We guarantee the highest level of service regardless of race, origin, gender, age, or religion."

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