Guest Registration (Pre-Entry)

  • Guest Registration (Pre-Entry): Guests over the age of 25 must submit a pre-entry application along with Govt. Issued Photo ID within 10 days of making the reservation. We need an application filled out and photo ID of all the guests who will stay in the resort unit. Your pre-entry form and a copy of your ID (Driver’s License, Health Card, Military ID, Passport, Passport Card, Student ID, etc.) will be retained by the Royal Rexhost Resorts and a partial of your basic information will transfer to our club office for the documentation purpose. At the time of your Check-In, MBYCC office will verify you and issue your gate entry pass. By the signature of the Pre-Entry Consent Form, you agree to the terms and conditions of ROYAL REXHOST RESORTS and acknowledge that you had an opportunity to read the Agreement before signing; authorize us to process a separate credit/debit card voucher in your name for all Charges, including Penalties or any kind of Violations; and authorize us to release your billing/rental information to third parties for billing/processing purposes. You can download the Pre-Entry by use the link-à
  • Gate Entry Pass:Renters are required to obtain a parking pass or CODE from the Rexhost / Clubhouse office within 24 hours of arrival and must bring a photo ID to identify them; the office will make a copy of the identification. The Guest can pick up passes from the Clubhouse, which is accessible on all weekdays and certain hours on weekends and holidays. There are two MBYCC offices to pick up passes, the main office is accessible on weekdays and the registration office located at the large pool is open on weekends and between certain hours on the weekends and holidays. If you arrive after hours or on weekends, please contact the Rexhost, and report to the office on the next day to obtain your parking pass. All owners and long term renters (same as owners) are issued a parking pass and RFID tag with the receipt of their vehicle registration. RFID tags open the main gate and middle gate automatically when a vehicle pulls up to the gate. Short term rentals are given codes to get in the gate for the amount of time they are here. When an application is received, the gate code is activated the day of the arrival of the renter and deactivated on the day of their departure. The code will not work at any other time. A renter who’s paperwork has been submitted to the REXHOST or CLUBHOST office, will need to go to the gate, hit the access code button, put in the code and hit the green receiver button and the gate will open. If paperwork has not been submitted to the office, the code will not work. If an owner or long term renter have guests, the guests will need to go to the gate, hit the directory code button, hit the unit number which will be (example: 151 A will be 1511) using the first letter of the alphabet. 1 represents -A/ 2 represents – B/ 3 represents – C and so forth.  A second screen will appear with the name of the person the guest is calling. At the bottom of the screen there are two buttons. Hit the green to confirm you are calling the right person; Red is to discontinue the call. The person answering the call will push 9 on their phone and the gate will open. The gates are set on a timer and will stay up 1 minute before closing, giving the person at the gate time to get through the gate. Some people have complained about more than one vehicle going through the gate. The amount of time allowed is the one minute and the gate cannot be adjusted any lower than the one minute. The system is set that way to protect anyone from getting caught walking under or driving through the gate and will allow more than one vehicle at times to enter the property. Safety is our first concern.
  • Keys and locks: The Royal RextHost shall provide keys, key cards, or keyless codes and pool bands to the Guest which must be returned upon departure in accordance with the checkout procedures; “please leave these items inside the Rexhost unit space provided”. Do not leave to the Property /Club Office or to the Resort staff.